The Concept of Veil

I've this thought. This thought is about my believe that every people just make up on their self from whether they're dying or happy, insidely. Everything can't be seen by the way it is, almost everything in this world were veiled by mute thread. See how today you found a milionaire that easily buy an Island as own living home, have a wonderful meal while he was on his private jet to go through business, have a beautiful wife and everything seems happy with all of those. And remind yesterday you saw a kind of homeless, was sleeping straight blocked your way ahead to work, looked like he hasn't a meal almost for everyday and whatever wild example that was on your mind. And yes, they also have it. They have a scraft that completely veiled their life. Or maybe not exactly veiled but more into the way that we don't know what inside them.

Imagined; they the one that know everything best about their self (I mean, the milionaire and the homeless) have meet each other. The milionaire had a look that the homeless has a sad life and everything wrong whereas not even exactly true. In otherwise, the homeless think that the milionaire has a great-rich-happy life. I guess I'll throw a respond as vaguely no, even more into surely. Take view out from that box, the basic concept of their life are still the same. They have problem. They experienced happy and sad feeling. They're the same, a living creature of this realm, specificly - human being.

It is prevail to any all human kind, race, caste, rich, poor, pal, or anything else close to you. Back to the closest case of mine, at the time I found this thought. I was wagging on facebook and saw how my friends happy on their life are. They're posted the photo of holiday, the stories of marriages, they're have a great weekend and everything about nice event in this dizzy world. It was very damn interesting. But you know, envy is obvious human thing. I just have this thought that when others looks happy, the comparison upon ourself grows in mind. The respond can be anything. In the depress way the heart can't be lie start asking, why they have a good life? what we have done? why we just different? life wasn't that fair, was it? Between this experience of mine and all things I seen, I am generalizing this depress respond. The got hte sum that people don't get the contentment against their self, they just see how happy others life are and how full of lackness they own life are. We should know by now that they neatly veiled or the veil never be transparent to be knew that we're actually the same.

And maybe we weren't realize yet that we was there, we ever stayed on the opposite side. We ever felt happy while some of those was throwing their envyness at us. It is another example that we're actually the same. He has it, she has either. We have it. Everyone have this all broken. We live on the box that made us think in the circle.

Maybe they have another purpose, also I don't give any matter. I am happy with it. The problem was on my ownself that we should never try to feel that bad. Back to believe that they just veiled, intentionally or unintentionally, have a same life nor problem to go through their end. I guess, grateful is the best way to made it all stoned.

Just if those veils seen-through, the world could be better. Also we will deserve this all lackness because we're the same. But if we have an option between milionaire to homeless, why we choose quickly at milionaire? Could we grateful for all of thesse fate's trap?  Or this thought just prevail to an average people??

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