It was rose, but not that much


It came across a beautiful feeling
As linger as tambourines
So unique that everyone had been lost
As thin as butter when we need the most

Why me asked myself why?
While sky was not that high
Like a nest of the fragile birds
While because never answered?

I had never been start from the end
If it is a word, it should be 'pretend'
Because rose is not always for women
Not that much, I said gomen


Piece of cake words

As I thought I am gonna laugh against my old posts and the rest. Since the first time I named budionotri.blogspot.com I know this blog gonna piece of lol by future me. And I am gonna see you there thinking about how smart you are and still thinking that you weren't as smart as the older. Ah blah. Well done, old me. lol.

P.S : I am doing something right now. Hope future will not lead me to death too soon.