The Plan #1

My life getting wasted. The problem of failure haunts me and I didn't experienced it. Couple months sitting in the deep of hommy airport wasn't a great idea for my young blood. Arrogance gives me nothing except a motionless-deaf-mute best friend of mine, Vostro 1088.

Minority minds changed. Long distance problem never be solved. I add my sickness failure into it and become worst decision ever. First time I feel alone in this world since five years passed. Will the death comes soon after (oh my, what I've wrote). At last, no more no less I move on.

To find life and happiness I decided to get into troubles, and this trouble confusing early. It's confusing nor exciting. How come? I got a chance to choose whether a famous brand that give you cheap or an unknow brand that give you much. I still dont know what will I choose. But the main plan still on the way, the reason I choose trouble.

I am gonna back!