Journey of Rent Room

I went to capital city of Indonesia. Haah!! Summer on Jakarta is like cupping a coffee with sugar madly-musty free. At that time my purpose was searching a rent room for a while. I sign a contract for my further company and guess who gonna merge with those Big Durianesse next week? You rite, this fucking silly soul of me. This is the trouble I am talking about back then. Where mostly supported by a plan that now buried because of some reason..

Like I said it was very madly-mustly, and the worst is my mind avoid to lend bit argo. I was walking, unaccompanied. During my walk, I found interesting thing about this old town called Batavia, impressionally. The more I keep my feet step a walk, the more curiosity comes to mind. I seen by my own sight, this how Jakarta works. She is a queen that sit in the contrast of big vile veiled by rich and greed.

I could describe the first moment, those street so white, the surface so space, but yes the traffic was crowd. You could seen a car, big building, person walk by person nothing interesting. That was just ordinary surface of Jakarta. I still could describe the second moment of ambience, I ever been on the more rustier than in alley passed a group of smoking people doing cards while they wife whispering his son who do suck a shocking pink ice cream from plastic packaging I dont know what it is called. But in the third moment, I couldnt say. I m not trying to make you guess or imagine something, but this is the worst of jakarta. This is the third moment. I couldn't describe this. That was pure rusty, I just can tell the impression that would keep your heart feel dominated by black. The eyes that look at you in very pry up in the retina. The answer that real random and you really mind to ask back. You can say I am too much, but you would agree that even Perkampungan-Cihampelas-Bandung is much much better than this place.

Yes, that was interesting sight.

In that moment, I don't know. I am not brave enough to take a picture of them. Because in some event (twice actually) they trying to strip my wallet, how come if I brought SLR with me. In the first time, I give my smoke and I was pretending like don't have any money because I lost my wallet. The second time, I don't give a shit, I choose ran, ran into da crowd. My suggestion is, stay from a quite place and keep accompanied friend or sharps, they come with lie like do hypnotism and then your wallet as topic!

At last I suited into a room after 3-4 hours walking, I feel so tired right now. It is worth experience that I regret and wont feel it again. hha

Hope luck always be with you!

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