Every strands tells stories

Do you know how many times I went to barber to cut my hair along my whole life? I tell you, I can use my own fingers to count it up. The first. the second and the third I cutted when I was on elementary school. The fourth, after I cought by hair sweep when I was on Junior high school  (I got very hardcore unshaped hair untill I couldn't make it up by my self even dad) . The Fiveth, when I was with my girl friend trying to cut with style for the reason of wanting to be head-message (silly? I don't think so, I enjoy the gently message ;9). The rest event, my dad did it untill I am cool enough to do it by myself (started at high school). Give me FIVE, That's all I can remember, five a singe hand five.

This day I made a cut too. And not as I usually do, because I played a bit with it. It's disgusting? no doubt I guess ;9

How is it? Fun, eh? I had it that time ;9

Knowing how every strands keep grows after sheared makes a little bit thought in mind. This life is kind a walking on the circle. Today happy-tommorow sad, yesterday lover-yesteryear enemy, man born-die comes soonly. Just feel this world walks by that and I have no idea why they make a fastly walk even running. Everything gonna passed by, no matter how much you try, how long you stand, and like I said we're gonna die anyway. But, I believe this world much discoverable and keep unfair to keep you trying. It is good to make this life valuable. What I am trying to point it out is, how the sadness comes and be a matter for you if this life keep going as it be.

When you feel sad so bad and couldn't even sleep in bed why you don't try to erase it. It will feel hard when you think harder could even be easier when we think it's easy. We know that literally, metaphorly. How the strands tell stories, how they sheared. It's gone like no one care where it goes. In my thought, this life just like those strands that gathered to be called as hair. When your hair getting dizzily long, just take a cut. When you feel bored with you hair, just cut. When you dont like the way it shaped, just cut. When you feel old-fashioned, cut. When you adore someone's hair, cut. Even when you dont have reason to do anything, cut.

In some case we will find that the style no come as we want, you could cover it up or something but the exact thing that we have to do is just wait. Because wait is the only way to forget, I mean time. Because wait is the distance that make heart cured or else. And because of wait hair will grows as young as we go, as our life goes on.

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