Left From The Darkness

The fourth of June the sky collapsed
Those memories faded into the darkness
The time frozen, lied on the lapse
With no one care about the carelessness

A saint wears a mask of holy
The sheep follows with mind of endless
Deep cry no one hear, truth heard rarely
No one care of his carelessness

So bold the Time told that old
You could sees through the horizon of own mind
Your mask frozen, broken in the years of cold
Own heart is nude, Why you still mind?

Sheep crestfallen and whisper,
"You couldn't that bad I won't sad"

He decide to wander through the mist of her,
Defined the canine prick his head

The way much undefine as the vanished sky
He steps his belief, even the light burn as seven noon
He lefted the darkness to found her back in another day
In the fourth of June

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