Quarter life crisis's thought

I've been thinking for the future me since the time I forbid my mother to slip money into my pocket, since I graduated from my college. What is my future will? Now I am alone and just have responsible to my ownself. I could do whatever I want, but when I think about the future my mind blows instead. I found confusing mind (many options that unconsistent stay to be choosen) in my future, right from there I decided to go rich, as rich as I could and rethink what my future will after I had enough capital. Nobody can tell how hard I work day-night on the lapse.. (I work at home)

As long as that thought my right arm getting broken, and my back follows afterward. Much I push my self much the pains yells. This condition really disappointing. I realize this realm told me something, I should more appreciate my life. But it was happen wrongly too, I lose my passion because I am too much justifying about this. I am getting lazier than usual, and the time goes broke with it.

Later the memories back, the thought that remind me about what my future will be..
My question about future distorted, now I am asking another question "what is this life meaning for?

This condition well know as quarter life crisis (the words that I found from my colleague friend's blog). And I found the answer and agreed that your life is means to be happy. Whatever your plans are, go as long as you happy with it. Nothing worth than makes yourself happy.

And from now I try to life with it.

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